Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

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Your home is more than just an investment — it’s also your livelihood. You can’t predict when a hail storm or tornado will hit, but you can secure an insurance plan that covers unexpected damage to your home and personal belongings. Whether it's insurance for a new home or one that you’re currently living in, we can help select the right coverage for your family.

Home & Other Structures

Property coverage protects the structure of the home and any attached items, including an attached garage or enclosed porch. Other structure coverage protects assets like a detached garage, shed or fence. Your home should also be covered for reconstruction costs.

Personal Property

Imagine taking the roof off your house, turning it upside down and seeing what falls out — that’s considered personal property. Items like your clothing, electronics, furniture, linens and more. We recommend covering your personal property for complete replacement cost.


This coverage provides protection if you are found liable for injuries someone has sustained on your property. There is also coverage included for defense costs that you may incur for being sued over matters of your property and personal liability.

Medical Payments

Accidents do happen. Medical payment policies provide coverage for medical expenses incurred by guests that are injured on your property.

Optional Services

Your home has many moving parts. Optional services cover those parts from damages. Two common policies include protection from sewers and drains and identity theft. Coverage for backed up water from sewers and drains protects you against damages caused when a sewer or drain backs up, or if your sump pump fails. Depending on your coverage, it might provide for clean up only, or it may also clean, repair or replace your personal property. Many plans also offer an endorsement to protect you if your identity is stolen.

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