Condo Insurance

Condo Insurance

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Home is where you make it. Condo insurance is similar to homeowners insurance in that policies protect the structure of the unit from the studs in. This insurance can help reconstruct damages sustained to your condo while also providing coverage for your personal belongings.

Personal Property

Take the roof off your condo, turn it upside down and see what falls out — that’s considered personal property. This includes items like clothing, electronics, furniture, linens and more. We recommend covering your personal property for complete replacement cost.

Improvements Coverage

This covers any upgrades or customization you’ve done to improve the value of your condo. These improvements might include installing new granite countertops or wood flooring.


Liability provides protection if you’re found liable for injuries someone sustained on your property, including legal fees if you are sued. This also protects you if you’re found liable for damage to someone else’s property.

Medical Payments

This coverage reimburses medical expenses incurred by a guest that becomes injured on your property.

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