May 28, 2019 by Cody Malott

What to do if you have experienced storm damage

  1. Call your insurance company immediately to report damages. The quicker you react, the faster your claim will be handled. Have your name, address, policy number, and description of the damages available.
  2. Document damage to your property. Take pictures or videos of the damages to your building and your contents (furniture, appliances, electronics, etc.). Start preparing an inventory list for lost or damaged items as it is the insureds responsibility to know what you have.
  3. Protect the property from further damage. Most property owners don’t realize that it is their responsibility to protect their property from further damage. Make sure to keep receipts from expenses incurred to protect your property such as tarps, items needed to seal windows and doors, and plywood for example. If you are unable to protect your property from further damage or it is unsafe for you to do so, reach out to a restoration company immediately.
  4. If your house is unlivable, your insurance company may be able to help out with additional living expenses for alternate housing while the property is being repaired or replaced.

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